Outdoor Sign Installation and Repair MN

outdoor-sign-install-maintain-repairIf your business doesn’t have a sign, then people could be standing in front of your door and not even know you are there. A good sign can make a difference. And that’s why Arrow Sign Co. is here for Minneapolis and the rest of the Twin Cities metro area. We design, create and produce every type of outdoor sign that a business could possibly need. If you need an outdoor sign in Minneapolis or the surrounding area, Arrow Sign should be your number one choice. We have been doing this since 1964 and have the experience to install and repair any type of outdoor sign you have or need. Contact our professional outdoor sign experts at 763-755-8873 today for any needs you have.

Outdoor Signs for Businesses

Businesses need outdoor signs for many different reasons, but namely to get customers in the doors. And a good business usually has more than one sign up around the outside of the building. That’s why Arrow Sign Co. has been providing expert outdoor sign installation and repair services since 1964. We know that in order to get customers in the door, they have to see you. And we sure do a darn good job of making that happen.

Outdoor LED Signs

LED is the number one choice you can make if you need a bright, outdoor sign for your business. LED (light-emitting diode) is the newest and most effective lighting system available today. They are a bright, low voltage option and have less of an impact on companies’ bottom lines. They operate at either 12 or 24 volt systems and can last up to 100,000 hours. Neon, on the other hand, is a high voltage lighting option and the power they consume will severely impact the expenses for any company. Besides, the cost benefits of LED, it also works well in our extreme Minnesota weather. And because the warranties on our signs last so long, most of the LED work we do is converting signs installed by other manufacturers from neon to LED. So if you need an outdoor LED sign for your business, or want your current sign converted to LED, contact the experienced journeyman electricians at Arrow Sign Co. today. We will make sure your customers can see your bright lights.

Monument Signage for Businesses

Having a sign above the door is a good start for any business. It lets customers know you are there. But ever since the rise of the automobile and people traveling at faster speeds, monument signs have become much more necessary. Monument signs can be the big totem-like signs outside major shopping malls and next to freeways that inform you of stores located within those malls and make your exit now before it’s too late. And they can also be the shorter, brick and mortar signs out by the road next to a business or medical complexes, such as those that house dentists, eye, and general care doctors. Monument signs have a wide range of looks and their big bold lettering frequently makes them a necessity wherever people are driving at a clip and are liable to miss their turn. And they are available in LED or neon.

Outdoor Sign Installation and Repair

Arrow Sign Co. has been around since 1964, and in that time we have installed and repaired countless outdoor signs for our customers in Minneapolis and the rest of the Twin Cities metro. Our experienced journeyman electricians know that attention to detail is critical if we are to install and maintain signs and back them with a warranty. We take pride in the signs we install and repair, and that they can withstand the brutal weather we must endure sometimes in this unpredictable state. But no matter the weather, we know and our customers know that our signs will last. If you need an outdoor sign in Minneapolis or anywhere else in the region, contact Arrow Sign Co. today. Call 763-755-8873 for professional sign services.