Commercial Awning Installation and Repair MN

Awning Sign Installation, Maintenance, & Repair Services in MNHaving your own business is great, but if no one knows where you are located, that can be quite the problem. And even if they get to the right place with the help of a GPS, if the building is poorly marked, then it does no good to have all the technology that we do these days. A sign, a big sign, is good, but an awning is even better when it comes to attracting people and getting them into your business. Why? Because awnings stand out, literally. Arrow Sign Co., installs and repairs awnings for businesses around Minneapolis and St Paul suburbs. Since 1964 we have been guaranteeing superior awning services for our valued customers. So if you think an awning would give the right look for the front of your building, contact us today for experienced awning services. Our attention to detail will ensure that your awning is built to last.

Commercial Awning Installation Services

An awning can be desired for a number of different reasons. Many times people want an awning because they attract more people than just a standard sign. Another reason is that they tend offer at least a bit of a reprieve from the elements. And in Minnesota, this is always welcome. Under an awning, one that extends a decent way out, people get hit with less rain and snow. And, except for the case of drifts, there’s usually less snow to clear after an awning has been installed. Not to mention that they shield windows from the sun, therefore lowering heating and cooling bills. Also, an awning typically has enough space for the business name and address, which pops out more and gets more peoples’ attention. No matter which reason you would like to have an awning installed, Arrow Sign Co. will take care of the job. We have installed many types of awnings for many reasons. If you want a light up awning that uses either LED or neon, we can take care of that. If you want a movie theater or hotel marquee with big bright light bulbs, we can do that too. Any awning needs you have for your business, you can be sure that Arrow Sign Co. will get it done.

Commercial Awning Repair MN

At Arrow Sign Co., all of our work comes with a guarantee. Over 90% of the signs and awnings that we install last for seven years (including standard maintenance such as replacement of bulbs). So with that said, most of our maintenance teams repair and service awnings installed by other manufacturers. At Arrow Sign Co., we will repair and maintain your awning so that it can last for many more years without the need for replacement. We understand that upkeep can be a major hassle, so when you partner with Arrow Sign Co., we will make sure that you never have to worry about it. It’s our job to make sure your customers see your business in the brightest way possible.

Experienced Awning Repair MN

Arrow Sign Co., has been doing awning installation and repairs around Minneapolis and the rest of the Twin Cities metro since 1964. Our experienced journeyman electricians know what it takes to make sure that your awning is installed safely and correctly, so that it does its job while keeping you and your customers safe. So if you think an awning is the right move for your business, call our experienced professionals today at 763-755-8873. We will make sure you and your business stand out.