Types of Signs We Install and Repair

Sign Installation Maintenance & Repair in MNArrow Sign Company has been providing, installing, maintaining, and repairing many different types of signs for numerous markets in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area since 1964. From simple yard signs to complex LED or neon signs, or even marquee awnings, we can handle any sign needs you have. Our experienced journeyman electricians can install and service any type of electrical sign you require. So if you have any sign needs for your business in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the surrounding metro, contact our experienced specialists today at 763-755-8873.

The signs that we produce at Arrow Sign Co. are designed to accommodate a wide variety of scenarios. No matter if you want a bright, money saving option such as LED, a full awning, or monument signage, we will have you covered. At Arrow Sign Co., we will help design, fabricate, and install any new signage systems. Below are some of the signage options that we provide for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.


Awnings are great for businesses to get their name out there and for it to literally stand out. They also help keep rain, snow, and wind at bay. And they shield windows and doors from the sun’s rays, helping to keep energy bills low. If you think an awning (or a marquee should you have a movie theater or hotel) is right for your business, contact the experienced professionals at Arrow Sign Co. today. We will get it up and guarantee our work.

Outdoor Signs

Arrow Sign Co. has been designing, installing, and maintaining outdoor signs since 1964. Whatever type of outdoor sign you need, we can install for you. Monument signs, LED signs, or those lit up with a spotlight, no matter what you need, we can install for you. And should you want us to design it, or maybe you have a rough idea of what you want, we can help with that too. And, should you already have an outdoor sign and you want it converted from LED to neon, we can take care of that too. Our experienced journeyman electricians will handle all of your outdoor sign needs.

Installation and Repair – Professional Sign Experts

At Arrow Sign Co., we know our signs. Whatever sign needs you have, we can accommodate. From installation of a new sign to repairs of an existing sign, one installed by us or a different manufacturer, we can easily handle anything sign related. So contact us if you want to get the word out on the street about whatever it is you have going on. Call 763-755-8873 for professional sign services today.