Sign Repair Services MN

Sign Repair Services in MNIf your car needed a brake repair, or your industrial sized printer was on the fritz, you would have it repaired, right? This ensures that everything runs smoothly and properly and that no ill effects come about. Well, the same can be said for most business, retail, and other organization signs. Arrow Sign Co. repairs signs for businesses and other organizations around Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro area. We have been repairing signs since 1964 and can come out to your location on a one time basis to do repairs, or set up a preventative care plan so that nothing adverse will happen in the future. It is your choice. When you partner with Arrow Sign Co., we will do our part to make sure that your sign is functioning properly and that your organization is always displaying its best, brightest self. So if you need sign repair services around Minneapolis and the twin Cities metro, contact sign repair department at Arrow Sign Co. For courteous and professional help, call 763-755-8873 today.

At Arrow Sign Co., over 90% of the signs we install last for more than seven years with just standard maintenance (replacement of bulbs, etc.). So this means that most of the signs that our service crews repair are signs installed by other manufacturers. Nonetheless, we adhere to the same attention to detail when repairing other manufacturers’ signs as when we repair our own signs. Where the sign that needs to be repaired came from is no matter to us. The only thing that we care about is that your sign is in proper working order by the time we leave, and that it stays in working order for many years after. So if you need a sign repaired for your business or other organization, no matter who installed it originally, contact Arrow Sign Co today. We will expertly repair your sign, ensuring that it stays up and stays bright for everyone to see.

LED Sign Repair

LED signs are the best option these days for light-up signage due to their low voltage and therefore their low energy costs. And while the bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours (4,166 2/3 days or 11.41 years) they will eventually need to be replaced. Although, this is just standard maintenance. The signs themselves are likely to need repairs before the bulbs need replacement. At Arrow Sign Co., we routinely repair LED signs installed by other manufacturers. Also, if you would like your neon or fluorescent sign converted to LED, we will take care of that, too. For any LED sign repairs or upgrades that you need, Arrow Sign Co. is your first choice in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro.

Indoor Sign Repair

Arrow Sign Co. repairs all types of indoor signs for businesses, retail, churches, medical complexes, schools, and other organizations. No matter who installed your indoor signage, Arrow Sign Co. will expertly repair it and have it in tip-top shape again. We have been working in the signage industry for two generations, and have professionally repaired every type of indoor sign that has been brought before us. If you need an indoor sign repaired in Minneapolis or the Twin Cities metro, contact Arrow Sign Co. for expert help today.

Outdoor Sign Repair

Outdoor signs obviously take much more of a beating than indoor signs due to the fact that they sit out in the brutal Minnesota elements. Whether we installed your outdoor sign or someone else did, we will repair it so that it can stand up to another handful of blizzards to come. At Arrow Sign Co., we repair all types of outdoor signs, from monument signs to LED, awnings and exterior wall signs. So if your outdoor sign needs expert repairs, count on Arrow Sign Co. to get it done.

Awning Sign Repair

Many businesses in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro have awnings over their doors and windows. And while these awnings are designed to deflect wind, rain, and snow, over time they will eventually need to be repaired. Arrow Sign Co. repairs all types of awnings in Minneapolis. If yours is looking a little worse for wear, count on us to expertly repair it and get it back to doing the job it was installed for.

Professional Sign Repair

Arrow Sign Co. repairs all types of signage in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro. No matter what kind of sign you have, we will expertly repair it, just like we have been doing since 1964. So if you need professional sign repair from experienced electricians, contact Arrow Sign Co. Call 763-755-8873 for superior sign repair today.