Routine Sign Maintenance Services MN

Sign Maintenance Services & Maintenance Plans MNRoutine maintenance is crucial to ensuring the long life of any item, those of high quality and those of semi-high quality – items such as those made of particle board need to just be tossed in the fire and forgotten about forever. When a car needs an oil change, reasonable people have it done so that the car can stay in proper working order for longer. When a computer has a virus, you run an anti-virus program and have the problem resolved. Well, that same kind of commitment to maintenance needs to apply to a business’ or organization’s signs as well. At Arrow Sign Co., we perform routine maintenance on all types of signs around Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro. We have been in the sign business since 1964 and will expertly maintain any type of sign you want us to. And our maintenance guarantee comes with a two year parts and labor warranty for any work performed; our attention to detail makes sure that you can count on us. So if you need your business’ or organization’s signs professionally maintained, contact Arrow Sign Co. at 763-755-8873 today. We will ensure that your signage stays bright and shines for everyone to see.

Outdoor Sign Maintenance

For outdoor signs to stay bright and lit-up, for them to stand up to the wind, rain, and snow that comes with every calendar year, they need to be properly maintained. Arrow Sign Co. maintains every type of outdoor sign for businesses and organizations all around Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro. The comprehensive maintenance that our experienced journeyman electricians provide will ensure that your outdoor signs are around for many years to inform your customers of your presence. We offer maintenance for all types of outdoor signs, including those installed by other manufacturers. Our maintenance contracts cover us keeping an eye on your sign so that it can be serviced before failures, bulbs replaced before burnouts, etc. We will inform you of when services will be conducted so that there is minimal inconvenience to you. And because our sign maintenance comes with a two year parts and labor warranty, you will have peace-of-mind that your outdoor sign is always covered by us. Contact Arrow Sign Co. today if you would like to have your outdoor signs routinely maintained to ensure there are no lapses in performance.

Indoor Sign Maintenance

Indoor sign maintenance typically refers to bulb replacement but can also involve part breakdown, etc. Arrow Sign Co. routinely maintains indoor signs installed by other manufacturers. Our service crews have been maintaining indoor signs around Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro since 1964, and will expertly take any signs you want us to and put them under our wing so that they are always in proper working order. So contact us if you want experienced professionals to handle the maintenance of any of your indoor signs.

Awning Maintenance

Awnings in Minnesota need proper maintenance in order to withstand the constant elements that they are routinely exposed to. Arrow Sign Co. regularly maintains awnings around Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro so that they can function properly and inform people of a business or organization’s whereabouts, while also attempting to keep people dry and out of the wind. If you would like the awning(s) that you are in charge of regularly maintained by a professional service crew, contact Arrow Sign Co. today. We have been maintaining awnings since 1964 and will gladly maintain yours as well.

LED Sign Maintenance

Although LED signs can last for years, they still need regular maintenance to ensure that they are always in peak working order. Awning Sign Co. has been working with LED for years now and will gladly service and maintain your LED signs. And should you have neon or fluorescent and would like to have them converted to LED, we will gladly take care of that as well. So if you want your LED signs maintained so that they are always in top-working order, contact the experienced professionals at Arrow Sign Co. today.

Professional Sign Maintenance

Arrow Sign Co. has been expertly maintaining signs in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro since 1964. Our experienced journeyman electricians know what it takes to always have signs in their best working condition. Our comprehensive care and attention to detail will ensure that your signs, light-up or not, will always be around to inform people of your presence in the area. If you want a company that will plan ahead and be proactive in the maintenance of your signs, contact Arrow Sign Co. at 763-755-8873 today. We will ensure that your brand will always be seen.